Zodiac Season 2020Virgo Zodiac: What Is In Store For You In 2020 ?

August 15, 2020by Divinity World0

Those of you born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, your planetary positions will reward you in the areas of luck, fortune, career, health, Virgo love horoscope, and relationships! Saturn’s transits the 5th house in January, aspecting the 5th, 7th, 11th and 2nd house, which results in tremendous growth and financial strength. At the end of March, Jupiter enters Capricorn, forming a conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, which further attracts financial gains for you. In the month of September, Rahu’s transit in the 9th house, will multiply luck and bring excellent results for the rest of the year.

  • Jupiter aspects the eleventh house in Q2 of the year, which influences relationships, and you’re likely to see some new developments on this front.
  • Those looking to tie the knot are likely to meet their future partners and solemnize their vows.
  • Married couples will enjoy a great bond with their spouse. The warmth and understanding in your relationship will be your biggest asset and will help overcome any odds that present themselves, adding depth to your relations.
  • Some tension could occur between you two, during the period of mid-May to mid-September. Just remember to support each other to avoid any differences and to focus on creating harmony in your relationship.
  • The year shall be auspicious for your family life and your bond will be strong with your family members and you will earn their love and respect.
  • Focus on healthy eating habits and exercise regime will be key to avoiding health issues this year.
  • Whether it be reducing your salt intake, keeping a strict watch on high caloric and fatty foods or ensuring regular exercise becomes a way of life for you, these measures will keep health matters in check.
  • No major health issues are indicated by the planets for Virgos this year. Main health areas to look out for are blood pressure, diabetes, digestive, and respiratory-related issues.
  • The year 2020 indicates tremendous success for students of Virgo sign.
  • With Jupiter moving into the fifth house, your inclination towards learning will be high and you will strive to achieve your goals.
  • The period of April to July indicates, you may find someone who will provide sound guidance towards your future.
  • Keeping focused is the key to attaining your goals and at times may require a great deal of will-power, but you will be able to deal with the distractions nonetheless.
  • Planning out your day and setting targets to cover your course material will help you manage your time well
  • Adequate attention towards revision and practice work is essential and you will overcome all the obstacles with your hard work.
  • The period of June to September is particularly favorable for students preparing for competitive exams and those who are trying to go abroad for higher studies.
  • Those who have just completed their education will find a good job.
  • Mercury, rules the Virgo sign and is also the significator of the tenth house of career. This year is one of the best phases of your career with growth, success and opportunities coming your way.
  • Decisions made related to work, shall prove to be fruitful and your efforts will show positive results.
  • Seniors will appreciate your talent and you may even get an unexpected high raise.
  • You can look forward to getting a lucrative offer for a job change or transfer making this year particularly lucky for you.
  • 2020 indicates a strong year for finance for Virgos. If your money was stuck somewhere, it is likely to be returned to you.
  • It’s important to control unnecessary spending and start saving for the future, specifically from March onwards, when Saturn enters into Aries.
  • Some family expenses are likely to increase significantly, though it will not affect your regular source of income. You may buy a new vehicle or a house.
  • Planetary movement into the fifth house which stands for finance from April onwards will result in financial matters going in your favour.
  • From April to July, you may gain from stock market, gambling or lotteries. Though these are not advised due to their speculative nature.
  • This is a good year to make investments in business and there could be profit from unexpected sources. Make investments only when you are sure about your possibilities of success.

Overall, 2020 will be a very positive year with tremendous advancements in career, finances, romance, relationships and family, for people born in Virgo. Quality of life will improve significantly and will have a positive impact on all other aspects of your life. As a result, your personal and professional life will bloom. Recognition at work will lead to consistent growth and indicates a wonderful year for your career, finances and wealth accumulation as well as making it an extremely favourable year to make investments in business.

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