Treat Vastu Defects by Consulting Best Vastu Consultants

How Can Vastu Defects Be Treated Without Demolition or Structural Changes

There are several restrictions that we face in our daily lives. Ranging from emotional or physical perils to negative vibes unleashed by family members or colleagues in any space – your space of living and work will reverberate the same if not purified. Moreover, this can also trigger due to the ill-placement of objects around your space. If you’re facing multiple challenges in your life, you must try implementing the Vastu Shastra concepts.

Vastu Shastra involves correcting the accent colors, objects, decor items, the positioning of doors/windows, etc., based on your natal chart and what suits you best. For example, unmarried girls should always sleep in the Southwest direction to have an early marriage. Sleeping in the Northeast direction can often delay the same.

Similarly, you might be living in a place with several Vastu defects that must be corrected well-in-advance to bring positivity to the house.  If you are wondering that you need a major transformation like demolishing the structures, it is not the case. Consult an experienced Vastu expert today who will guide you on the best ways to alter your space and drive positivity in no time.

In this guide, we will take you through how Vastu can influence any old structure, few tips to change the Vastu Shastra of your space, and a few DIY recommendations. 

So, without further ado, let’s begin with our first segment.

How to Bring Vastu changes to a new structure?

The significance of Vastu is abiding, which is the home for God and people. Vastu Shastra is a culmination of different energy forms that come from the environment – mainly from the Sun, Moon, Nuclear and Attractive Energy, Light, and the Wind. One can adjust these energies to upgrade harmony, flourishing, and achievement.

If you’ve constructed your home with these standards, you can appreciate all the bliss throughout everyday life. If not, there is a good chance that you will have to call in one of the best Vastu consultants to help change the house and its vibrations. The components mentioned above impact, guide, and change the living styles of all individuals.

Any new property should be built based on an offline or online Vastu consultation. New properties do not have too much tedious work. Since everything gets constructed from scratch, you can contact a Vastu consultant from Divinity World to understand which direction is suitable for your well-being.

It includes the entrance of your house, your bedroom direction, living room, and kitchen. Its principles also help you learn the colors that suit your space and which objects work as a welcoming ray rather than an obstructive force. Incorporate items like feng shui crystals, mirrors, Rudraksha beats, etc., to amplify the positive aspects of Vastu in your space.

In the next segment, we will discuss how to influence Vastu Shastra in an existing property without damaging its structure.

How to Bring Vastu changes to an old structure without damaging the property?

Demolishing a structure to incorporate Vastu principles has always been a myth. You mustn’t deconstruct the property unless it is decaying or haunted. Small accessories here and there can help influence Vastu in your home. You can get recommendations from a Vastu expert to understand which part of your house needs an upliftment.

 Here are a few tips that can help you with your cause:

  1. Always ensure that the primary space of your house or work-office is well-lit. It is the welcoming corner of your space, so you must keep it well-lit and clean to ensure a positive energy flow. Never keep your space dark, and it also applies to rooms in the northwest corners. 
  2. You can fit the welcoming corner with potted plants to minimize Vastu defects as potted plants bring in a breath of fresh air. It is applicable for the living room, balcony, or staircases and turns that separate one space from another. 
  3. If you ascertain a few defective Vastu areas in your space, try placing a wind chime or two with different sounds to bring a feeling of harmony. Items like wind chimes reduce the chaos or disturbances in your space bringing in harmony and peace. 
  4. If your bedroom is in the North or Northeast direction, change the placement by shifting your bed frame and mattress to the South or the Southwest part of the house. According to Vastu principles, the South is favorable for a healthy personal life, marriage, and money. 
  5. You can rectify the Northeast part of your house from any Vastu defects by placing mirrors at the right places. The mirror shows the reflection of what is in front by enlarging it, thus fixing any faults. You can also fit the mirrors in the Northeast direction to bring in positivity and calmness. 
  6. Try to keep your television-set only in the living room. The bedroom should be devoid of electrical gadgets to maintain harmony between the partners and keep them patient and calm. 
  7. The corners of your house should be lit and bright. Leaving corners dim can bring in more negativity around the house. 
  8. Avoid positioning your dining room in front of the main entrance. Keep it separate so that when an individual enters the house, he/she is greeted at the living room first and then taken forward to the dining area.
  9. Ensure that all the windows of your house are opening outwards and not inwards. 
  10. Never leave the toilet door open. Once you are done with your business, close the door and switch off the lights before leaving.

Incorporate some or all of these tips consistently to bring positive changes within your life. Get your house checked via online Vastu Consultation and learn about the primary Vastu defects.

Consult our experienced Vastu consultants today, and learn workable solutions to minimize Vastu defects and bring a positive change in your life and space.

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