Leo Zodiac: What Is In Store For You In 2020?

The Planets Sun and Venus will fill this year with achievements and success for you! Sun is the Lord of your Zodiac and is radiating its full glory and exuberance in the 5th house of your birth chart. Furthermore, the Lord of the 10th house – Venus, which is sitting in the 6th house, will reward you with excellent results for your hard work and help you attain your goals…


  • For the Leo Zodiac, this year has tremendous potential for advancement in position, salary and respect at the workplace. For those who want to start something new, this year can turn out to be very successful and you can earn good profits.
  • Thanks to the presence of Jupiter and Saturn, your time will be very favourable towards the end of the first quarter of the year and will empower you to overcome your rivals as well as challenges thrown at you, bringing honour, prestige and success.
  • The lord of your zodiac – Sun, will be in the 5th house, sitting with Mercury and this creates beneficial results for you. While the presence of Jupiter, Saturn, and Ketu in the 5th house, shall bring with it moderate unsettledness, this year is expected to have overall positive results for you. The presence of Saturn and Ketu in the 5th house may increase ideological differences with your father or senior personals, therefore, it is imperative to keep a good relationship with your father and seniors as far as possible, to achieve success and prosperity,
  • For students, this year can also be said to be fruitful and full of achievements. There are good prospects of getting admission successfully in your preferred course at an institute of your choice.
  • On 14th May, Jupiter will turn retrograde in Capricorn itself and this will magnify the amount of auspiciousness that you will encounter in all fronts of your life. Take this time with a little patience and take precautions in the work.
  • On 30th June, Jupiter, still in the retrograde state will move into Sagittarius. This movement will encourage your ability to plan at this time and start dreaming again for the future.
  • On September 13, Jupiter will turn progressive and all your plans will fall right into place. The time of September is very important and will bring good luck to you as Rahu is also changing the zodiac sign.
  • On September 23, the change of Rahu is happening in the Taurus zodiac, which will have a positive impact on your house of work and will be exceedingly favourable for you.
  • After the progression of Saturn, all problems faced in the 1st half of the year will start to decline. Saturn will return to its original state on 29th September, which will gradually bring relief to your workplace, health, and will reduce mental stress.
  • With the progression of Jupiter and Saturn, where you will have the potential of immense success, Rahu will also be able to change the amount of prosperity and work capacity at your work front. At this time the expectations of Seniors can also increase from you. Rahu will motivate you to compete with every challenge.
  • On 20th November, Jupiter will shift to Capricorn from Sagittarius horoscope, and this will provide you with good results. Financially the deal that you were stuck with can be completed in this time
  • For career matters, 2020 is expected to be a successful and progressive year for Leos
  • You will not be lacking in terms of your finances this year. In terms of investing, this year you will get exceptionally good results, which will make your financial situation even stronger.
  • The lord of wealth and profit, Mercury is also the lord of your zodiac and is present with Sun in the 5th house, from where it has a vision on the place of profit, the 7th house. Beneficial outcomes will be experienced by the combination of Sun and Mercury. Overall, this combination of planets for you will be financially profitable
  • You can also try your luck in the stock market this year, though you will have to bear the risks if need be. You are advised to do thorough research work very well, then you can stay in the position of profit
  • The lord of destiny, Mars is sitting in the 4th place, which is creating beneficial chances for you. You may buy a new home, a new vehicle or purchase a large property for you. At this time, you can get benefits from foreign companies, institutions
  • This year will be financially good for you. You will not lack any money in any of your projects. You may get the loan as needed if you need it. A large part of your savings can be spent on buying a home or car, but it should rather be treated as an investment
  • Lord of fortune, Mars is present in the 4th house and this is creating circumstances for you to purchase a new house, new vehicle or new property. The presence of Rahu in 11th house will make sure you travel this year too just like the last.
  • For those in a relationship, you will have a blissful and romantic time and this will be an auspicious year for Leos for matters of the heart. Chances of marriage can also be present for the unmarried folks. You can get a lot of support from a partner as the Moon is present in the 7th house
  • To keep your love life happy, you have to control your anger. Instead of deteriorating on small things, the bigger picture will need to be kept in mind. Try to understand your partner’s feelings and spend as much time with them as possible
  • The lord of the 7th house, Saturn will be in the 12th house at the beginning of the year. The 5th house is occupied by Jupiter but along with it, Mercury, Sun, Saturn, and Ketu are also present, which will create signs of the fluctuations in the life of unmarried lovers. Married people will also need to take some care in the initial times.
  • In the second week of May, with Saturn’s retrogression, there can be emotionally troubling times in a couple’s life and you may be worried about the health of your life partner. After Jupiter’s retrogression, you can find positive results in your romantic life
  • In September, you can expect to end the difficulties in your romantic life. The reason being that this month there will be a lot of upheaval in the transit of planets. While Jupiter and Saturn will turn progressive, Rahu-Ketu will also change the zodiac sign
  • This year is going to be very romantic and exciting for you and Sun being present along with Saturn and Ketu will give you auspicious news of having a child
  • 4th house is also indicating an increase in the comfort of your family, which will surely create an atmosphere of happiness in your family life and this year will bring happiness in your family life.

Overall, this year will be a very positive one for advancements in career, finances, romance, relationships and family will favour people born in Leo in 2020. While there will be a noticeable emergence of auspiciousness on all fronts of life, there will be a particularly fruitful period September onwards in terms of career, business, money and fortune.

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