The Nine Vedic Gems, also known as the Navratnas help taking care of the planetary imbalances that impact us on all levels in our lives. Afflicted planets can lead to poor health, bad relationships, failed careers and various other obstacles in life. A trained Vedic Astrologer can often pinpoint these imbalances with an uncanny accuracy or at least unfold for us their main factores and trends of development so that we can be forewarned and prepared in advance to deal with them. Such imbalances are the product of disharmonies between the cosmic rays that come to us from the planets. When a planet in the birth chart is afflicted, its rays are improperly received or distorted. Just as a plant suffers from lack of proper sunlight, so does the human body and mind suffer from lack of appropriate cosmic rays through the planets. Each planet has its influences that can be helpful or harmful to our various concerns in life.

According to Ancient Indian Sacred Sanskrit Vedic texts (like the “Garuda Purana”, the “Graha-Gochara Jyautisha”, the “Ratnapariksa”, the “Brhat Samhita”, the “Agni Purana” and “Mani-Mala”), one of the main methods to effectively counter planetary imbalances is the use of Vedic gems. Certain gems have been prescribed for each planet along with their manner and timing of wearing. The gems are connected to the cosmic ray transmitted by the planet and aid us in its proper reception through our Aura and Astral field to restore the integrity and vitality of our energy flow.