10 Best Remedies to Minimize Effects of Mangalik Dosha

The union of marriage is a significant and special bonding between two individuals. Before starting the marriage rituals, it’s a custom to match the Kundali of both individuals to understand their compatibility with each other. More than years and time spent together coupled with common interests between the two partners, Kundali matching is done to safeguard the couple from any perils caused by either or both of their planetary positions.

Keeping this in mind, one of the most important doshas that most astrologers in India consider is the Manglik Dosha. As Mars is a malefic planet as per astrology, its presence in either of the Kundalis can lead to unwanted stress and strain in the relationship. The 9th planet – Mars – is known for its blood-like qualities that represent anger and heat. Mars can be present in the bride, groom, or both of their natal charts, affecting their lives post-marriage, both personally and professionally. 

Through this article, we guide you about the formation of the Mangalik Dosha, its meaning, and the best remedies you can practice to minimize its effects via astrology consultation

So, without further ado, read along to find out more about the Manglik Dosha.

What is the Manglik Dosha?

As per Vedic astrology consultation, the Mangalik dosha formed by the presence of planet Mars (Mangal) in the 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th, and 12th house of your horoscope chart counters your happiness in your marriage and can result in disharmony, divorce, or even death of your partner especially if you’re Mangalik. If it’s your spouse who’s Mangalik, then you may experience the same ill-effects.

Most Vedic astrologers online avoid marrying a Manglik and non-Manglik partner unless they have performed the basic rituals and ceremonies to get rid of the dosha.

 It is perhaps the first aspect that most astrologers consider while matching two horoscopes. The horoscope matching allows the astrologers to identify the love-compatibility score, or Guna Milan and Ashtakoot. A well-positioned Mars can often lead to significant inconvenience in your association. So, talk to an astrologer today to understand how Mangalik dosha can affect you and your spouse and how both of you can overturn the effects to have a smooth relationship post-marriage.

Some of the leading problems you may experience in your marriage due to the presence of Mangalik dosha in your horoscope chart include:

  • A delay in getting married to your partner
  • One or two failed marriages caused by divorce or death of a partner
  • Regular arguments between you and your partner
  • Financial loss caused by overspending or the lack of earning
  • Nitty-gritty in your personal and professional lives
  • Permanent form of disability or effects on your health

Several Vedic astrologers in India come with years of experience in reading horoscope charts and analyze them carefully. The analysis helps them suggest practical solutions/remedies that help you minimize Mangalik dosha effects and maintain harmony in your married life.

Today, distractions and a disruptive lifestyle are a regular affair, and the ill-placement of planets in your horoscope can often ruin your relationship with your partner. Given the above problems, you mustn’t overlook the ill-effects of planet Mars while getting married. For positive outcomes, you must find out the best astrology services like Divinity World. Book our online astrology consultation today and get rid of Mangalik dosha to live a stress-free life.

In the next segment, we share a few remedies suggested by some of our best astrologers in India who come with decades of experience in different aspects of astrology. These strategic remedies have proven effective for most of our seekers and have helped clear out the Manglik dosha in their horoscope. 

What Remedies Can You Incorporate for Manglik Dosha?

Whether you consult our Vedic astrologers online or opt for an astrology phone consultation, we are always there to provide you the best workaround solutions that have been tried-and-tested over the years. 

Here’s a quick overview of the 10 best remedies that might work in your favor:

  1. Most astrology services recommend reciting the Mangal Jap 7000 times post marriage to ensure that the Manglik dosha doesn’t hamper your married life. You can divide these into different chants or Japs and must ensure that you recite every word carefully. Once your Japs are complete, the effects of Mangalik dosha will start wearing down. 
  2. As per Hindu culture, we worship a different deity each day of the week. For example, Tuesday is for Lord Hanuman, while Saturday is for Lord Shiva. According to astrologers, praying to a different almighty is one of the easiest and effective ways to counter Mangalik dosha. You don’t need to look for a time/place but can chant mantras anytime, anywhere to dedicate your prayers to them. 
  3. The planet Mars represents the color ‘red’ – synonymous with heat and blood. So, incorporate more red shades in your daily life, be it in clothes, accessories, etc., to attract the positive cosmic energy of Mars. You can also adopt Coral (a gemstone) that can help you maintain harmony with your partner and lead a prosperous relationship without any challenges. 
  4. You can also get a 6 or 14 bead Rudraksha and count the beads every day while praying to God. Lord Ganesha governs the 6-Mukhi Rudraksha to bring in positivity and a well-balanced harmony in your life. On the contrary, Lora Hanuman rules the 14-bead Rudraksha allowing you to monitor your emotions. 
  5. Before getting married, you must talk to your astrologer and get done with Mangal Dosha Nivaran pooja. Performing this pooja counters the probable effects of planet Mars on your marital life.  A qualified brahmin with vast experience usually performs this pooja and incorporates the following:


  • Ganesh Pooja and Abhishek
  • Kalash Sthapna
  • Panchang Sthapna
  • Navagraha poojan and 108 chants of the
  • Planetary mantras
  • Shiv Pooja
  • Mangal Dosha Nivaran Jap
  • Pushpanjali
  • Aarti,

and various other rituals.

An extensive poojan ensures that both partners are ready for a new phase in their lives without worrying about how Mars can influence their lives for the worse. Instead, Mars and its positive attributes stay to govern your prosperity and future with each other.


  1. Many Indian societies still believe that if only the groom is Mangalik, he should first tie a knot around a Banyan tree to get rid of Mangalik Dosha. Once done, the actual marriage rituals can take place. 
  2. Reading the Hanuman Chalisa every day can help you and your partner. You can also fast every Tuesday to seek Lord Hanuman’s blessings. If fasting doesn’t seem like a viable option, consume more fruits and milk to keep you going. 
  3. If fasting and reciting Hanuman Chalisa aren’t your thing, then you can also visit the Hanuman temple every Tuesday to seek the Almighty’s blessings. Any form of religious worship dedicated to Lord Hanuman can do wonders for you and counter Mangal Dosha ill-effects. 
  4. As a couple, you both can also donate blood every once in a while. Since red is the symbol of planet Mars, donating blood helps you reduce the amount of red within your body. It further minimizes the effect of Mangalik dosha giving you a stable and happy married life. 
  5. Be kind to small animals like squirrels, birds, puppies, etc., and take care of their meals and water. If you’re already a proud pet owner, you can even think of adopting small breeds with a timid or docile nature.

 The above remedies will significantly cut-down the malefic effects of the planet Mars on your married life and encourage you to develop a harmonious relationship with your partner. 

Forming a sacred union for the rest of your life with your partner is indeed daunting, and you must opt for an astrology phone consultation in case you’re experiencing challenges in your marital life. 

Let Divinity World be the guiding light that helps you with all your marriage problems. 

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