The Lucky Bamboo plant is a household plant which is easy to care for and grows well in indirect sunlight. Many people think that it’s a real bamboo plant. But it is a type of tropical water lily called Dracaena Sanderiana. The lucky bamboo plant is one of the most popular Feng Shui cures said to bring good luck and prosperity to the place where it is grown. It is also known to enhance the flow of positive energy in the home and office when placed in the right direction. The lucky bamboo plant represents the element wood and the red ribbon tied around it represents the element fire. It is known to create the sense of balance and safety in life.

Widely used as a houseplant, bamboo is considered to be auspicious for the house as it attracts good luck and wealth. Here are some tips for the placement of a bamboo plant in your home:
*The east corner of the house is the best place to keep a bamboo plant.
*An indoor plant, do not place it under direct sunlight.

As per the Chinese tradition, the significance of lucky bamboo plant depends on how many stalks you have.

– Two stalks represent love, which is also said to double your luck.
– Three stalks represent wealth, happiness, and long life.
– Four stalks are never given.
– Five stalks represent wealth that is perfect to give to someone who desires growth in business.
– Six stalks symbolize luck that is said to bring prosperity.
– Seven stalks symbolize wealth, happiness, and good health.
– Eight stalks of lucky bamboo plant act as a great motivator and luck enhancer.
– Nine stalks are considered the symbol of good fortune.
– Ten stalks represent completion and perfection.
– Twenty-one stalks represent abundance and blessings.