Everything You Need to Know About Vedic Science

For decades, experts have studied Vedic scriptures to understand the mysteries of life as we know it. Through tried and tested methods, and the analysis of the Sun, Moon, and planetary positions, it has been observed that our lives are heavily impacted by the forces of nature. This science of the universe that is used for our personal growth is brought out by Vedic sciences in the form of numerology, astrology, Feng Shui, palmistry reading, Vastu shastra, and more.

At Divinity World, we aim to bring you closer to understanding how these different segments work. They are not based on superstition but are accounted for through facts that can be traced down to your date and time of birth. You might have heard about friends or family going to astrologers or seeking an online astrology consultation. These methods help in determining how you can make your life better by small but significant changes.

Ideally, the main components of Vedic Sciences are as follows:

  • Astrology
  • Numerology
  • Vastu Shastra and Dosha
  • Feng Shui
  • Palmistry

In this article, you can learn how each science works to benefit your life. Accordingly, you can go ahead to any of the specific pages and fill in your details to avail of free consultation. Divinity World can help serve you to improve your life by making smart decisions. So, let’s begin by learning each of these sciences in detail.

The Power of Astrology

An astrology consultation helps to target your zodiac sign and see how beneficial it is for your life. This is done by analyzing the positions of the planets daily and judging your birth time and date to see which planets govern the houses in your chart. At Divinity World, you can get your daily career horoscope and the analysis of your love life done with ease. While the main zodiac sign provides a series of generalized characteristics, each day differs and hence the favorability of the same can be ruled out based on the same.

You can also choose the type of astrology phone consultation you want to take. Divinity World provides Western, Chinese, North Indian, and South Indian horoscopes. By entering a few details, you can get a free reading on the platform itself. However, with a small fee, you can proceed to get a customized astrology chart with a plan to change your life. 

Astrology draws the scriptures from the Vedic times to determine your present, give you a reason for the events in your past and help you to determine your future. Your astrologer will also be able to help you in eliminating all hurdles to have a smooth life.

Does Your Name Play A Role in Enhancing Your Life?

Numerology is a genuine deciding factor for the events in your life. It is based on the calculation of the numbers affixed to each of the 26 alphabets in English. For examples, A = 1, B = 2, C = 3 and so on. Your full name, as per your date of birth, can help your astrologer determine the governing planets and zodiac signs that contribute to your personality.

Sometimes, the names given by your parents might not be suitable for you. In those cases, your numerologist might suggest a change in the name. Several people have removed certain alphabets from their names because the resulting number wasn’t favorable for them. Some have even gone to the extent of entirely changing their names after years to improve their lives. The numbers in your name can do wonders for you, personally and professionally.

At Divinity World, you can explore three different types of numerology:

  1. Pythagorean: This is the most common way of using numerology to assess the dynamics between your name and the date of birth.


  1. Kabbalistic: This is usually taken from Hebrew mysticism, and has originally been adapted from Greek and Roman alphabets.


  1. Chaldean: This is more relevant to the Indian numerology system where each alphabet is assigned a number between 1 to 8. The number 9 usually comes as a result of the addition of numbers and is considered to be a special entity.

You can get one of the best numerologists in India by filling out your details on the page. As per your preference of the numerology system, you can get a thorough reading for yourself, as well as your family members.

The Science of Architecture: A Vastu Consultation Guide

Looking for a Vastu consultant from one of the experts at Divinity World? Before you fill out your details, it is important to understand how Vastu, or the placement of objects in your house, can impact your well-being. Ideally, this science of architecture has some laid-out rules that should be incorporated while buying a house. Simultaneously, small fixtures can be made in your house to eliminate any faults.

Your house or place of work consists of these 9 directions:

  1. North-West
  2. North
  3. North-East
  4. West
  5. Centre
  6. East
  7. South-West
  8. South
  9. South-East

Based on these directions, a Vastu expert can guide you to place different objects in the different corners. For example, electronic items should always be placed in the South-East direction of the living room to last longer. Simultaneously, the master bedroom should always be in the South-West. The entrance door of the house should never face the door of another house or flat.

While you might always not consult a Vastu expert while buying a house, you can always get the directions changed by positioning decor items based on this science. It will help maintain positivity, influence growth and keep the harmony between the different family members. Vastu Shastra always influences office spaces so while buying a new space, most Indian businessmen consult renowned Vastu specialists to ensure that the business has smooth sailing.

You can avail of a free online Vastu consultation through the platform. Vastu is also interlinked to Feng Shui astrology.

Feng Shui Astrology for Your Prosperity

Did you know that the energy forces around you are governed by the way decor items of your house or workspace are placed? These have the energy to invite positive or negative energy. Through a feng shui consultation, you can work out the forces of energy with an expert to understand which item will be suitable for your space.

This Vedic Science derives from Chinese Geomancy which focuses on the energy of nature to harmonize the vibes around human beings and animals. There are certain elements of feng shui that have been used by people over centuries and indicate good or bad energy. The elements of wind and water are considered to bring good luck to every space.

While there are several schools of Feng Shui, you can choose what pertains to your life. Buddhist and Modern Feng Shui are also quite popular with many business owners keeping the laughing Buddha in their office or shop entrances. Similarly, the come-come-cat is also a good example of the same. At Divinity World, you can seek Feng Shui astrology from a professional for a very small fee.

Reading the Lines on Your Palms

Have you looked at the lines on your palm closely? Every line depicts a different meaning. Your palm consists of the lifeline, heart line, and love line which determines the different goals of your life. As you grow up, these lines keep on changing based on your destiny. Through Divinity World, you can get a palm reading  online.

This science of palmistry is also known as Chiromancy. You would be happy to know that it originated in India and slowly spread to Europe and Egypt. Ideally, everyone has a dominant and non-dominant hand. The latter brings about different personality traits whereas the former shows how these traits impact your life. Your palmist will read the lines on both your left and right palms to describe what lies in store for you.

Renowned astrologists generally conduct an astrology analysis along with numerology and palmistry reading. You can get on a video call with one of our experts or send a picture of your palms to know the details of your life.

The Divinity World platform also provides the following services:

  1. Tarot Reading
  2. Lal Kitab Consultation
  3. Suggestions for Various Pujas
  4. Gemstone suggestions
  5. Personalized readings include Manglik Dosha, Kalsarpa Dosha, and Sade Sati Dosha

You can transform your life with these tried and tested sciences that are popular in India and the world. Try your hand at one of these services through the platform to discover eventful details about your life.

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