25 Actionable Tips to Boost Positive Energy

How many times do you de-clutter your house? In India, folks clean their houses from scratch just before the festive season. According to them, it is auspicious and drives out the negativity.

However, did you know that positivity can prevail all year round by simply making a few changes with the placement of electronics and furniture?

Boosting positivity in the house is an excellent way to improve the lifestyles of all family members. You can always avail an astrology phone consultation to understand the science of architecture, also known as Vastu Shastra. It is one of the more popular Vedic sciences that has been tried and tested by many experts. To commemorate new beginnings, most people seek the help of the top astrologer in India to understand whether their new home is indeed worth it.

In this article, we will talk about how Vedic horoscopes impact positive vibes in the house. We will also be sharing a few tips to boost the positive flow of energy in your home. At Divinity World, you can rely on experts to assist you with your arrangements in the house. 

So, without further ado, let us begin:

How Does Vedic Astrology Influence Positive Energy?

For many years, experts have suggested installing a few items in your home to increase positive energy. Simultaneously, practicing a few rituals also helps with this cause. According to experts, negative energy can enter your place of dwelling from anywhere. Similarly, positive energy can also come by and neutralize the effects to give you a good standard of living.

Vedic Sciences have time and again made the lives of people better. Some of the more popular segments include Feng Shui practices, Vastu Shastra and Dosha, and astrology. The proper combination of these three segments allows more positivity to influence every aspect of your life. While doing so, you must eliminate negative energy from every corner of the house as it can severely impact you/ your loved ones or anyone else who stays with and around your home.

Positive energy takes time to culminate, but you can feel the difference once you make the required changes. The good thing about Vedic horoscopes is that an expert can look at your house with just a few pictures and point out the flaws with suggestions to rectify them. Through Divinity World, you can seek an online astrology consultation and pave the way towards making your life prosperous than before.

In the next segment, you can learn about a few actionable tips that will help you get closer to attracting positive energy to your house.

Tips to Boost the Positive Energy In Your Home

Every living space divides into nine corners that determine the effects of Vastu. These are as follows:

  1. North-West
  2. North
  3. North-East
  4. West
  5. Centre
  6. East
  7. South-West
  8. South
  9. South-East

Four elements govern these corners, namely – Air, Water, Earth, and Fire. Air and Water elements dominate the North part of your house, while Earth and Fire elements control the Southern side. These two groups complement the elements in them but are in contradiction to one another. Hence, it is critical to follow the exact rules to ensure that no negativity is allowed in your space.

Are you looking to make the necessary changes to give yourself a fresh beginning? Incorporate these easy changes in your home to see the difference:

  1. The center of your house should always be the living room. It is a free space that encourages interaction between the members of the family. It is devoid of the presence of any of the elements.


  1. If you want to keep any furniture in the living room, place it in a minimal setting to avoid cluttering. Also, make sure that you are keeping your living space clean. 
  2. Always keep your electronic items in the South-East direction of the house to make them last long enough. 
  3. The entrance of your house should ideally be in the East, North, or Northeast direction. Avoid placing any item that might obstruct your entry as it may destroy the very purpose of letting good things and opportunities come by. 
  4. Always ensure that the bathroom is well-rested inside the house and not close to the entrance. Since bathrooms and toilets associate themselves with dirt and cleansing, it can negate the purpose of positive vibes in your home. 
  5. Depending on the number of bedrooms, keep the master bedroom in the South-west direction of the house. Try painting the room in neutral colors to instill a peaceful environment. There shouldn’t be any potted plants inside the house, near any of the doors. 
  6. Light an incense once in a while to make your house smell nice. You can also use aerosol sprays. 
  7. Turn on divine music to let the positive energy flow inside your home. You can also switch it up with your favorite tunes. Music can be a calming activity for at least one or two hours every day. 
  8. Build your pooja room in the East direction of the house and maintain a safe distance from the bathroom or main entrance. It should be kept free with items like idols, lights, incenses, and puja books that complement the sanctity of the prayer room. 
  9. Develop your kitchen and the bathroom away from each other. It is the place you cook meals for the family. The best direction as per the Vedic horoscope is the South-East direction with an exhaust fan. 
  10. Keep at least one room in the house well-lit even if you are not at home. Keeping a dark house isn’t considered to be a good sign. In that way, once you come back, you will feel at peace when you step inside your welcoming home. 
  11. Always hang pictures with sceneries, flowers, or happy quotes. Avoid photographs that depict a violent scene. 
  12. If you have a leaking pipe or faucet, get them repaired immediately. It indicates a leaking fortune that can drain out your wealth. 
  13. You can even take a bowl full of sea salt and place it in the Northeast or South-East direction of your house. This ingredient can drain negative energy and restore your wealth. It also helps drive away illnesses. 
  14. Potted plants like Tulsi and the money plant are good ways to increase prosperity. They help clean the air around to get rid of negative energy. 
  15. If you have a patio or balcony, keep the seating arrangements in geometrical shapes or patterns. Minimal furniture depicts a sense of organization. 
  16. Always paint the walls of your house in light or neutral tones. Shades like white, cream, light grey, light blue, light pink, light green, and even yellow are good choices. 
  17. You can make your entrance appealing by putting an idol or picture of Lord Ganesh. Since he is the God of positivity and prosperity, he can help you attract good vibes into your house. 
  18. If you have any dead plants, remove them immediately. They are signs of static pace and should not be used to define your life. 
  19. If you have windows in your bedroom, notice if you can see any negative things outside. It can be in the form of leaves burning, smoke coming out of the chimneys, barren land, or trees. In that case, it is better to cover the window panes with your curtains. 
  20. If you have cracked walls or plaster in the house, get them fixed immediately. 
  21. Never have your house around any dirty public places. These include sewers, burning grounds, or crematoriums. 
  22. Don’t keep any closed clocks in the house. They reveal a sense of confinement, and thus you must remove them immediately. 
  23. Water your flowers daily if you are growing any on your roof or patio. 
  24. Take the trash out daily and do not keep any of it on the roof. Instead, you can place it outside your home in a corner.

We hope these 25 actionable tips will help you in maintaining a stable lifestyle. You can reach out to the best astrologers of India through the Divinity World platform by filling out a few details and giving yourself a home full of positive vibes.

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