Sadhesati Dosha Calculator

The cycle of Shani Sadesati keeps on repeating every 25 years. It is believed that it comes with lots of miseries, sorrows, anxieties, delays etc in one's life. However, it is not always correct. It also comes with lots of prominent changes in one's life.

Our Rishis had introduced the word "Sade Sati". It is the duration of 7.5 years, which one has to bear. The phase starts when Saturn transits in the twelfth, first and second houses from Natal Moon. This duration is considered bad for the native as Saturn, the most Malefic Planet passes over "Moon", which represents "Mind" of a person in Vedic Astrology.

Saturn is the planet which delays things and fructifies results, of your own efforts drawn at an earlier part of your life, very late. Shani takes 2.5 years to move from one sign to another sign of Zodiac Belt. If we calculate it for 3 signs i.e. twelfth, first and second signs from the Natal Moon, it comes 3*2.5= 7.5 years...