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Our Vision is to be The Most Trusted Window into the fascinating world of vedic sciences

Our Mission to be Your Personal Guide for a positive future, by…

  1. Bringing science back into our understanding of ancient Vedic scriptures and promote self awareness, self growth, self gain
  2. Breaking away from superstition, myth and folklore to build trust through genuine use of scientific practices of astrology and vedic teachings
  3. Providing insights into overcoming challenges in life and be stronger and victorious and content
  4. Our mission is to be your personal guide for a positive future
  5. Spread awareness for ancient science of vedic teachings and the influence that planetary positions has on your lives
  6. Embark with you on a path of conscious living and self awareness, leading to self growth and transformation

Our Services For You:

  1. Vedic Horoscope Report: North Indian & South Indian
  2. Western Zodiac Predictions
  3. Consultation on phone
  4. Spiritual Store
  5. Matchmaking
  6. Mobile Applications
  7. Personal Guidance and Mentorship
  8. Books and Publications
  9. Feng Shui Consultancy
  10. Vastu Consultancy for Residence, Office & Factory
  11. Tarot Reading
  12. Palmistry Reading
  13. Numerology Prediction
  14. Seminars
  15. Workshops
  16. Yoga Retreats