Demistifying the D-Charts For You

The Divisional Charts, also known as Varga charts, are essentially mini-horoscopes depicting the bifurcations of one’s past life, are studied to analyze the finer conditions, strengths and effects of the planets.

A Horoscope reading in Vedic astrology is incomplete without the use of Divisional Charts as they help to pinpoint the issues and events in the native’s life with immense accuracy. In fact, many do a big mistake by ignoring divisional charts completely as they are complex to understand and there are no standard rules available which can help interpret divisional charts.

Below is a succinct summary of each D-Chart along with the area it influences and their applicability in the native’s chart:

Divisional Chart

Varga Area of Influence Applicability


Rashi/Natal Chart Body, Physical Matters and all General Matters The basis of all divisional charts and gives the first clue about every aspect of human life.


Hora Chart Wealth, Family Used for wealth, speech, and family.


Drekkana Siblings, Nature Used for siblings, courage, and strength.


Chaturamsha Fortune and Property Used for home, mother, property, destiny and immovable assets.


Panchamsa Fame & Power Used for past life merits, spiritual inclinations and mantra siddhi


Shashtamsa Health Used for debt, disputes, and proneness to illnesses.


Saptamsa Children, Progeny Used for sex life, children’s and ability to produce children.


Ashtamsa Unexpected Troubles Used for inheritance, longevity, and accident.


Navamsa Wife, Dharma and Relationships Used for the spouse, married life, luck and it is also known as the microscopic version of the natal birth chart.


Dashamsa Actions in Society, Profession Used for the career, professional success, honour, status and demotion.


Labhamsa Death and Destruction Used for unearned income, unaccounted money, and speculation.


Dwadasmsa Parents Used for information on parents and lineage.


Shodasmsa Vehicles, Travelling and Comforts Used for general happiness, moveable assets etc.


Vimshamsa Spiritual Pursuits Used for spiritual activities, progress in spiritual practices and results of worship.


Chaturvimshamsa Education, Learning and Knowledge Used for achievement in academics, learning and education pattern.


Saptavimshamsa Strengths and Weaknesses Used for physical strength and stamina.


Trimshamsa Evils, Failure, Bad Luck Used for miseries, illnesses, and evils.


Khavedamsa Maternal Legacy Used for auspicious effects in life.


Akshvedamsa Paternal Legacy Used for general character and conduct.


Shastiamsa Past Birth or Karma Used for judging all aspects of life.

To get an accurate prediction of your life events, Divinity World recommends you to have your natal chart drawn up based on your exact date, time and place of birth along with a full reading analysis using your Divisional charts.

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