Know about your Love Life and Important Role Venus Plays in Your Horoscope

We have often heard our elders say that our life partners are destined, which means that you are destined to meet the man or woman you are going to marry. While the cycle of Karma is the deciding factor of love, marriage, and relationships, the influence of planets cannot be negated.

Thank your Planets when you are in Love

Daily horoscopes of zodiac signs published online and in newspapers frequently discuss the possibility of you meeting someone new in your life or harboring feelings of attraction towards someone in your workspace or locality. The online astrology columns often explain how your ruling planet gets excited about meeting with someone of a particular planetary configuration.

Vedic astrology explains that your fascination for someone endures as long as you both are in the same planetary periods. The love fades away as you or your partner moves away from that planetary phase. So, next time when your relationship breaks, blame it on the planets.

Thank Venus for the Love You Get

Astrology today has acquired a new meaning. People do not want to hear merely about jobs or money or the longevity of life. Every birth chart also called the ‘natal chart’ is unique as it represents a cosmic roadmap of your past, present, and future and how every action in the past and present affect your fate in the future.

An assessment of your date, time, and location of birth reveals the celestial positions at the time of your birth, thus, revealing details of your personality and karmic lessons. The position and movement of Venus in your birth chart tell a lot about your romantic compatibility with one or more partners.

It may be surprising for those who follow astrology horoscope religiously to learn how the position of other planets concerning the sun and moon can have a bearing effect on your taste or preference for a partner, sexual urges, and a sense of harmony between you and your partner.

That lovey-dovey, mushy feeling of being in love comes from Venus. Similarly, if you and your partner do not think along the same lines or are incoherent in thoughts and actions, blame Venus for the mismatch.

As opposed to other stars and planets that are frequently blamed for their malefic effects, Venus is regarded auspicious for its beneficent effect. The ancient Romans realized how the radiant effect of this small, bright planet can light up lives with its love and, hence, named this planet after their Goddess of beauty, love, and enchantment. So, if you are a helpless passionate romantic at heart, blame it on Venus that governs courtship and adoration.

Venus brings Love into Your Life

This bright planet often referred to as the ‘evening star’ owing to its luminance can cause you to be indulgent in love so much that you will dream of long-term companionship. You will feel allured by your partner’s beauty and charms. The stage will be set for an ideal relationship where you both feel compelled to be in each other’s arms for the rest of your lives. Some astrologers refer to Venus as the “Marie Antoinette” of the zodiacs as people with Venus as the ruling planet in their birth charts just want to be adored.

while using astrology for daily horoscopes, experts always check how Venus’ position can increase the prospects of love, romance, and marriage, though the planet may not guarantee prolonged compatibility. Vedic astrology states that the presence of Venus in the natal chart increases the prospects of love marriage for men. Also, if the Moon has a strong presence in a man’s birth chart, chances are that he will bring home a beautiful wife.

While Venus’ brilliance has an appealing effect, this planet must not be combusting lest it destroys marital bliss and the relationship between the couple goes kaput. You will find many online astrology sites maintaining that while love happens due to the strong presence of Venus in the natal chart, relationships are formed only when one’s horoscope gives out vibrations that complement the other’s horoscope.

Importance of Venus as per Vedic Astrology

Venus is the ruling planet of the Sun sign or Moon sign or is mostly present in the first house of the birth chart of Librans and Taureans. Venus manifests its presence in the horoscopes of those belonging to the Libra zodiac through material urges or aesthetic preferences for things synonymous with beauty and luxury or a romantic approach toward the partner.

For those belonging to the Taurus zodiac, Venus is all about showing classy behavior or affectionate gestures through physical touch. However, unlike Librans who may be a fit frivolous in relationship matters owing to their hunger for physical beauty, Taureans prefer a deep and long-lasting bond and look for loyalty in relationships.

You cannot ignore the presence of Venus or its effect while thinking about success in marriage. If Venus is placed in the fifth house in your or your partner’s horoscope, then you must get ready to enjoy a marital life full of bliss, unending love, and companionship. Besides, romance and togetherness will give way to beautiful children, which means that you will have enough reasons to enjoy the bounties that married life promises.

In love, there is always a fear of being cheated. However, with Venus in your chart, your partner may be indulgent but not deceitful. Among all the planets aligned in one’s horoscope, Venus alone defines our relationship with our partner. And, where there is love, every other event seems insignificant.

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