5 Surprising Things Your Hands are Telling You about Your Health

Have you ever heard the saying that your health lies in your hands? This statement is not only believed by doctors alone but also by palmists who are often dismissed for their divination. Many people disclaim palm reading as an esoteric practice not realizing how this science of reading the lines on our palms and our fingers can reveal definite aspects of our health as also our personality. While all the lines on our palms and spiral formations on our fingers reveal both positive and negative aspects of our personality and health, the health line on one’s palm has a negative undertone.

For the right-handed people, the health line on the right palm says it all. Alternatively, left-handed people learn a lot about their health and wellness from the health lines on their left palms. Fret not, if you have no health line as this only brings in the good news of you being free of health problems.

A firm and straight health line is an indication of excellent health while a wavy and broken health line is a cause of concern. Not all stars shine bright, which means that the formation of a star on the health line will only mean that you will have little support from your family members.

Reading between the Lines Carefully

During palm reading online, experts examine a palm’s major and minor lines to understand potential diseases and problems associated with ill health. Be it terminal illnesses including cancer, heart troubles, or malfunctioning of the kidneys, or pervasive ailments like asthma, eye and teeth problems or venereal disorders, or emotional distress,  palmistry reading reveals all.

Not many know that palmistry can warn you against possible blindness too. For example, the formation of an island or a circle under the ring finger represents possible eye weakness and subsequent blindness.

Know the five surprising things that your hands can reveal about your health:

  • Intestine problems: The possibility of bacterial infection in intestines that may deteriorate to intestinal ulcers is visible from the malformation of ridges and some thin lines running parallel to the health line.


  • Heart attacks: A crack in the heart line means heart attacks while its widening is a sign of accumulating fat into the valves of the heart. 
  • Teeth and gum problems: Many have fine vertical lines cutting across the heart line under the middle finger. Hand readers interpret this as a sure shot sign of dental problems. 
  • Tensions: Did you know that your hands can reveal the nature of tensions that you are facing or may face in the future? The small dots in the head line of your palm show that you will possibly suffer from tensions and headaches.

If the head line has islands forming around it, the mental tension may then escalate to memory loss problems while any breaks and chains in it indicate emotional distress and nervous disorders.

  • Nails: Hand readers while reading the palmistry lines closely also observe the nails of the fingers of their clients to diagnose diseases that may have been ignored otherwise. For example, having long nails are a sign of possible lung and respiratory infection problems while clients having thin nails are more likely to suffer from headaches and body pain.

Many people have triangular nails which highlight the possibility of them being afflicted with nervous disorders and paralytic attacks. Clients having circular nails and knob-like fingertips tend to be affected with cardiovascular disorders, while flat short nails that are raised at edges depict the tendency to be diagnosed with throat problems.

Palm Reading Online

Palm reading online has gained immense popularity over the years. It’s because many people who are looking to get the lines on their palms to read access online hand readers through the web. 

Many women shy or feel inconvenient to meet astrologers and palmists in person and, hence, approach experts involved in online palm reading for females. The health problems that women face are relatively distinct from their male counterparts.

Hand readers during palmistry reading frequently check the crisscross and horizontal lines on the Mount of the Moon on the palms of women complaining of discharge problems and weak uterus. 

Similarly, palmists identify the narrowing of the space between the head and heart lines with asthma problems. Besides, the formation of unwarranted lines below the ring finger under the head and heart lines indicates the possibility of the woman suffering from cancer. 

The practice of online palm reading has become so pervasive that one would easily come across palmists asking interested people to scan their palms and send them for consultation. 

Besides, you would find various palm reading online apps on Google Play/App store that promise you a detailed analysis of what your future beholds. With the internet offering the opportunity to know how the lines on your palms reflect your future, it makes sense to opt for an online palm reading session today.

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