Why Is It Important To Energize And Purify The Gemstone Before Wearing It ?

Gemstones emit powerful and unique energy vibrations from the Universe that have a profound impact on the person wearing the gemstone. Every Gemstone has a different characteristic and strength associated with it and therefore has specific qualities that can only benefit the native whose Rashi or Nakshatra match with the Gemstones worn by the individual.

Gemstones are capable of absorbing energy from the surroundings and magnify energy thereon. Any gemstone travels through an almost endless chain of human contact from the time it is mined, cut, polished, made into a ring or other forms of jewellery, handled by salespersons and prospective customers, till the person destined to wear it comes into possession of the Gemstone.

The Gemstone must be cleansed and purified of the residue energies that have been passed onto the Gemstone even if briefly by the people who have come into physical contact of the Gemstone till this point, as well as if that particular Gemstone has already been worn by someone which would have transferred a strong and long-lasting imprint on to the Gemstone. It is this associated aura of the previous wearer that is could have strong malefic effects on the new wearer, which is a risk that is not advisable.

The second and equally critical process of energizing Gemstones is for charging the gemstones with the energy of their corresponding planets among the Navagraha with the help of mantras and performing basic rituals. This ensures that the Gemstones provide full benefits to the native as energized Gemstones are capable of establishing a stronger connection with their corresponding planets. The best traditional methods for recharging the gemstones are to use the power of elemental sources like sunlight, moonlight or earth energy.

It is important to keep in mind that all gemstones which have not been energized, are still capable of capturing and transmitting the energy radiations of their corresponding planets into the bodies of the natives wearing these gemstones, provided such gemstones possess proper quality and efficiency. However, the energized gemstones are capable of establishing stronger connections with their corresponding planets and accordingly they may provide better results to the native. Hence the process of energizing gemstones should not be considered as a compulsory step and it should be considered as a process which may enhance the performance of your gemstones.

It is worth mentioning that the energizing process is not compulsory for a Gemstone to be able to do its job, however, it should certainly be deemed to enhance the effectiveness and strength of the connection the Gemstone has with the corresponding planets and thereby become even more potent and beneficial for the native wearer of the Gemstone.

Divinity World recommends that you recharge your gemstone rings and pendants once in a month so that their powers remain active, at its highest power and effectiveness to provide maximum astrological benefits to its wearer. For your benefit, we are sharing in the table below, an easy reference guide, for energizing and wearing your Gemstones along with details of how and which day of the week or period of the month to perform the rituals:

Gemstone Planet Ingredients Recharge By Day or Period Finger to wear
Ruby Sun Immerse in Holy Water, Jaggery powder in a bowl Leave in Sun for 2 hours Sunday at High Noon Ring Finger
Pearl Moon Immerse in Holy water in a bowl Leave in the light of the Full Moon Overnight on Purnima once a month Little Finger
Red Coral Mars Immerse in Holy Water, Jaggery powder in a bowl Leave in Sun for 45 mins Tuesday at Sunrise Ring Finger
Emerald Mercury Immerse in Holy Water, Basil (Tulsi) leaves in a bowl Leave in Sun for 45 mins Wednesday at Sunrise Little / Ring Finger
Blue Sapphire Saturn Immerse in Holy water, Rock Salt in a bowl In temple overnight in front of Lord Shiva Saturday after Sunset overnight Middle Finger
Yellow Sapphire Jupiter Immerse in Holy Water, Turmeric powder in a bowl Leave in Sun for 2 hours Thursday Index Finger
Diamond Venus Immerse in Holy water in a bowl with soil In temple overnight in front of Goddess Lakshmi Friday after Sunset overnight Ring Finger
Hessonite & Garnet Rahu Immerse in Holy water, Rock Salt in a bowl In temple overnight in front of Goddess Saraswati Overnight Middle / Ring Finger
Cat’s Eye & Tiger’s Eye Ketu Immerse in Holy water, Rock Salt in a bowl In temple overnight in front of Lord Ganesha Overnight Ring / Middle Ring

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