Which Are The Moola Trikona Signs ?

Every zodiac sign is Ruled by a planet, which is called the Lord of the sign. This planet can either get Exalted – Uchcha or Debilitated – Neecha in some signs or can be in Moola Trikona of the sign. A planet gives Best results in Exalted signs, Good results in Own signs and somewhere in between Best and Good results, one could say Superior results, in its Moola Trikona Signs. Moola means Main or Primary or Root and Trikona means the Trine or the 1st, 5th and the 9th House; indicating “You” or “Who You Are”.

Out of the signs which a planet own, in whichever sign it is more comfortable or whichever sign is closer to the nature of planet, that sign becomes its Moola Trikona Sign. An easy way to understand it is as follows:

  • Own Rashi of a planet (e.g. Pisces of Jupiter) is like one’s home. One is most natural and comfortable at home. That is exactly what a planet in own rashi is.
  • Moola Trikona of a planet (e.g. Sagittarius of Jupiter) is like one’s office. One executes one’s formal job and performs one’s duty at office. One is powerful and duty-minded at office.
  • Exaltation sign of a planet (e.g. Cancer of Jupiter) is like a favorite party/picnic. One is excited to be at one’s favorite party/picnic. So an exalted planet is like an excited person at his favorite picnic spot.
  • Debilitation sign of a planet (e.g. Capricorn of Jupiter) is like one’s worst party. A debilitated planet is like an unhappy person stuck at a place he hates.


Peak Exaltation Point Peak Debilitation Point Moola





Aries (0˚ – 10˚)1 Libra (0˚ – 10˚) Aries (0˚ – 20˚)2

Leo (0˚ – 20˚)3

Leo (20˚ – 30˚)4


Taurus (0˚ – 3˚)1 Scorpio (0˚ – 3˚) Taurus (3˚ – 30˚)2

Cancer (0˚ – 10˚)3

Cancer (10˚ – 30˚)4


Capricorn (0˚ – 28˚)1

Cancer (0˚ – 28˚) Capricorn (28˚ – 30˚)2

Aries (0˚ – 12˚)3

Aries (12˚ – 30˚)4 &

Scorpio (0˚ – 30˚)5


Virgo (0˚ – 15˚)1 Pisces (0˚ – 15˚) Virgo (16˚ – 20˚)2

Virgo (20˚ – 30˚)3 &

Gemini (0˚ – 30˚)4


Cancer (0˚ – 5˚)1 Capricorn (0˚ – 5˚) Cancer (5˚ – 30˚)2

Sagittarius (0˚ – 10˚)3

Sagittarius (10˚ – 30˚)4 & Pisces (0˚ – 30˚)5


Pisces (0˚ – 27˚)1 Virgo (0˚ – 27˚) Libra (0˚ – 15˚)2

Pisces (27˚ – 30˚)3

Libra (15˚ – 30˚)4 &

Taurus (0˚ – 30˚)5


Libra (0˚ – 20˚)1 Aries (0˚ – 20˚) Libra (20˚ – 30˚)2

Aquarius (0˚ – 20˚)3

Aquarius (20˚ – 30˚)4 & Capricorn (0˚ – 30˚)5
















For each of the planets except for Mercury, Rahu and Ketu, there are specific degrees for 2 signs where the signs become Moola Trikona for the planet. Details are provided in the table above and the most powerful results (Best) are when it is Exalted labeled with superscript 1, next best results (Superior) are in Moola Trikona, flagged with superscript of 2 & 3 and next best results (Good) are in its Own sign marked with superscript of 4 & 5. The degree details for Rahu and Ketu are unavailable and that is the reason it is labeled with superscript of NA.

Let’s see what are the Moola Trikona sign for each planet and the reasons:

  1. Sun owns only one sign, i.e., Leo. Sun is King among planets and Leo (Lion) is King of Jungle. So, it fits to the character of Sun, hence, Leo is its Moola Trikona sign too.
  2. Moon also owns only one sign, i.e., Cancer. Moon is mind and emotions and Cancer has the same characteristics, so the natural opinion is that Cancer is the Moola Trikona. There are differing opinions on this where some astrologers believe Cancer is the Moola Trikona while others claim Taurus. Divinity World stands by Taurus being the Moola Trikona of Moon, while Cancer is the Moola Trikona in the 1st 10 degrees of the sign.
  3. Mars rules over two signs, i.e. Aries and Scorpio. Now, Mars represents our will power, courage and action taking ability. Aries represents Self and people who are very active and go-getter kind of, closer to Mars characteristics. Hence, Aries is Moola Trikona sign of Mars. Although, Scorpio is also a sign ruled by Mars, but Scorpio is about occult science, research and transformation. So, Scorpio will remain Mars’ own sign, whereas Aries Moola Trikona sign.
  4. Mercury rules over two signs, i.e. Gemini and Virgo. Mercury represents logical thinking, quick decision making and analysis ability besides communication and marketing. Virgo represents analytical approach and being critical about things. Hence, Virgo becomes Moola Trikona sign for Mercury whereas Gemini remains its own sign.
  5. Jupiter rules over Sagittarius and Pisces. Jupiter represents religion, philosophy and literature etc and Sagittarius represents the same things. Hence, Sagittarius is Jupiter’s Moola Trikona sign and Pisces remains Jupiter’s own sign.
  6. Venus rules over Taurus and Libra. Venus represents relations, it represents wife for a man and it is the main significator of marriage. Libra is sign of relationship. So, Libra is Moola Trikona sign of Venus. Taurus would remain as Venus’ own sign.
  7. Saturn rules over Capricorn and Aquarius. Saturn feels more comfortable at Aquarius because of its portfolio of networking, large organization and huge buildings, hence Aquarius is Moola Trikona sign of Saturn.
  8. Since Rahu & Ketu are illusionary planets, and due to this reason subject to debate on whether they have any Moola Trikona signs or not. While some astrologers support this view, others maintain that Moola Trikona sign of Rahu is Virgo and Moola Trikona sign of Ketu is Pisces.

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