Wish Fulfilling Wealth Cow Statue With Brass Finish

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How to use and where and in which direction should we place this Feng Shui wealth cow sitting on bed of coins?

  • Place this wish-fulfilling wealth cow on the desk of your office or table in your house.
  • To get full benefits place this wish-fulfilling wealth cow in the southeast corner of your office or house.
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The Wealth Cow Statue in Feng Shui symbolizes good luck, growth, and fortunes. This Feng Shui wealth cow has a brass finish on it which looks so good to see. In India, Nepal, and several Asian countries, the cow is considered as a holy animal and hold special religious importance also. This statue of wealth cow is sitting on a symbolic bed of Chinese Feng Shui coins which gives double effect because chines coins itself symbolizes wealth and prosperity. Feng Shui wealth cow not only will benefit you but it is also helpful for future generations also. It is believed that if you deal in the share market or if you are in a business when taking risks is commons then this wealth cow can be beneficial for you.

This statue of Fengshui wealth cow can be used in home or office to attract fortunes, prosperity, wealth, and to maintain the desired growth. We offer you this beautiful Feng Shui wealth cow statue of a bed of coins at the best price and the best quality to you which you can use for self or you can also gift it to someone on any occasion.

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Weight 160 g
Dimensions 3.2 × 3.0 × 2.3 in


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