Owl Statue Sitting On Chinese Coins

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In which direction should we display feng shui Owl statue?

Feng Shui owl statue can be displayed anywhere in Home or Office but if we talk about some special areas then keeping this owl statue in North-East corner shows good results from money point of view, keeping this statue in the south-east is good for protection against negativity and bad luck. However, you can place this statue on your office table or showcase also.

Buy this feng shui owl statue for your self or gift it to make someone feel special.

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Feng Shui owl is mainly used by the people who suffer from health issues, financial troubles, failure in their career or business, or if money inflow is not as per your hard work. Keeping owl statue is significant in both feng shui and Hinduism From feng shui perspective own statue on lucky coins attraction luck and wealth and from Hinduism perspective owl is the vaahan of goddess Lakshmi which denotes the wealth and fortune coming to you.

Benefits of keeping Fengshui Owl Statue:

  • Feng Shui owl statue is considered as a symbol of protection from evil, symbol of wisdom, and also as the truth seeker.
  • In India owl is known as Vaahan of Goddess Lakshmi which brings wealth, wisdom, and fortune.
  • It brings about powerful and positive vibes in fields of knowledge and intelligence.
  • An owl is said to protect the family from ill health and evil spirits.
  • Feng Shui owl statue on lucky Chinese coins resembles double effectiveness of owl and coins and it not only looks splendid as a home décor item but also brings about prosperity vibes owing to yellowish golden colour.

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