Crystal Tortoise (3.2 Inches)

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Taking care of direction is important while placing Crystal Tortoise in Home or Office, therefore, below we have mentioned the correct direction to keep Crystal Tortoise:-

  • Feng Shui Crystal Tortoise should be either placed in South West or North West.
  • A Crystal Tortoise should always face towards East Direction.
  • A Crystal Tortoise must be kept in water on a glass or metal plate and legs of tortoise should soak property in water. According to Vastu Shastra keeping the Crystal Tortoise this way, brings serenity, harmony, peace, long life, and money in your home.
  • If your primary focus is on increasing family harmony then keep this Feng Shui Crystal Tortoise in your living room as per the direction prescribed above.
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Feng Shui Crystal Tortoise has great significance from Feng Shui point of view. Tortoise figurine in Feng Shui is believed to bring good luck, stability and longevity. Whereas, the crystal is mainly used to purify the energies and for emitting positive energies. Feng Shui crystal tortoise is a combination of benefits of both crystal and tortoise figurine. Apart from Feng Shui, crystal tortoise is also very important for vastu remedies as well.

According to Puranas, Lord Vishnu took the form of the tortoise to uphold the earth and its beings during the Samudra Manthan; Lord Vishnu’s Tortoise is the second avatar and is called a Kurma Avatar. Same way it is believed that keeping crystal tortoise makes all the family members safe from negative energies and bad luck. A tortoise is gifted with long life, therefore, according to Vastu and feng shui, it symbolized long life and stability in life.

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