Lucky Arowana Fish On Bed Of Wealth Statue

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The right direction for keeping Feng shui Arowana fish statue in home and office according to Vastu:-

According to feng shui researchers, the best direction for keeping feng shui Arowana fish statue is South-East. Place the Arowana fish in the south-east part of your home or office.

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Feng shui Lucky Arowana Fish on a bed of wealth is a feng shui symbol of protection, power, far farsightedness, cleverness as well as overall auspiciousness. A real Arowana fish is quite expensive therefore as a great alternative statue of Arowana fish is being used traditionally to get the same benefit. This Arowana fish statue is shown sitting on a bed of wealth (Chinese coins) which has double benefits. Chinese coins are a symbol of wealth whereas Arowana fish depicts wealth, power, authority, and long life.

Feng shui Arowana fish is undeniably the most prized fish for feng shui wealth purposes. Arowana fish is also called the dragon fish because of its familiar look to the Chinese dragon symbol. Arowanas fishes are known to grow very fast, therefore it is also symbolized as a bringer of fast inflow of wealth. Arowana fish become quite dominant and more powerful while getting older.

Benefits of Keeping Feng Shui Arowana fish on bed of wealth:-
1. Feng shui Arowana fish statue is a symbol of wealth.
2. Feng shui Arowana fish statue symbolizes power and authority.
3. Blesses the keeper with a long and luxurious life.

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