Wealth Cow Sitting On Chinese Coins And Ingots With Golden Finish

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Directions of keeping Feng Shui wish-fulfilling cow in home and office:-

1. Keeping this figurine of wealth cow on the desk in Office is said to enhance good fortune and fulfillment of goals.
2. At home, feng shui cow statue can be displayed in the Southeast sector of the house which is associated with wealth.
3. Students should keep this statue of feng shui wish cow on the study table to enhance memorizing capability and to achieve better marks.

The Auspicious day for placing feng shui wish-fulfilling wealth cow is to place this figurine on any Sunday or Tuesday anytime except Rahu Kaal.

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The Feng shui Wish-fulfilling Cow Statue is a prominent symbol of wealth, prosperity, growth, and fertility according to Feng Shui and Hinduism. This Feng Shui Wealth Cow is made of the resin material with high-quality golden paint which is highly durable and beautiful. This Feng Shui Cow is shown as sitting on Chinese coins and ingots with two calves which makes this symbol very special because Chinese coins and Ingots are popular Feng Shui symbols for wealth, luck, prosperity as well as fertility.

This Feng Shui Wish-fulfilling Wealth Cow can be kept by any person who is want to fulfil various desires in life. It is useful for businessmen for expansion and profit in business, for students, it is helpful in achieving good academic results because it is a symbol of good luck.

Some astrologers and feng shui experts also believe that keeping this figurine is also helpful in bringing luck for conceiving. Apart from feng shui, the Wealth Cow is considered as a holy animal in India, Nepal and China and holds a special importance in the hearts of people. This beautiful statue of feng shui wish-fulfilling wealth cow is also a nice gift item for any auspicious occasion.

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