FU Dogs Pair Statues

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How to Display Fu Dogs:

You can take advantage of the fu dog’s protective powers and energies by placing a pair at your front door. You need a female (yin) fu dog and a male (yang) fu dog to establish the ideal feng shui balance of chi energies. You want to make sure both dogs are facing out, so they greet all who enter your home and scare off would-be thieves, malicious individuals, evil spirits, and negative chi energies. A few quick steps ensure your fu dogs are placed correctly:

  • Stand inside the open doorway, looking outside.
  • The male fu dog holding a ball under his paw, should be placed on the left side (as you are looking out of a door or window).
  • The female dog with her paw protecting her cub, should be placed on the right side (as you are looking out of a door or window).

You should place a pair of Fu Dogs – temple Lions in the northwest if they are red coloured or in the east if they are made from metal,  especially if you have a main door in either of these locations. The male lion, holding a ball under his left or right paw should be placed on the left side (as you are looking out of a door or window).

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Fu Dogs are an extremely powerful protection for your home or business; you will find most homes or businesses in Asia complemented by a pair either inside or outside. It comes in the shape of a lion and also looks attractive. You can increase positive energy by giving it space in your home. Feng Shui Fu Dogs are ancient cure for protection and it has also been used as a symbol of wealth and status from ancient times. In traditional feng shui books, Fu Dogs are prescribed as Imperial Guardian Lions.

Fu Dogs statue is displayed as a couple in which male Fu Dog is shown holding a globe under his right paw whereas, female Fu Dog is shown holding a cub under her left paw. Male Fu Dog statue signifies control over his domain and protection of his home and Female Fu Dog Statue signifies strong maternal protective instincts.

(1) Outside the National Palace Museum and other monuments in Taipei, there is a huge statue of a Fu Dogs, which is considered as a sustainer of Chinese tradition.
(2) These idols are believed to keep your home away from negative energy. It should always be applied in pairs.
(3) In addition to Fu Dog, it is also called Guardian Lion and is placed on the outside of the room.
(4) You can also have it installed on the main door of your business place.

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