Dragon Tortoise Sitting On Chinese Coins With Child On Top Of It

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Right Direction for Displaying Statue of Feng Shui Dragon Tortoise with child on it:-

  • Displaying Dragon tortoise statue in the east sector of the home is said to help in fostering longevity, luck and well being of whole family members. According to feng shui, the East sector influences family ties and bonds as well as health.
  • Displaying Dragon Tortoise statue in your home, facing the main entrance is believed to help for living an untroubled and blissful life. Placing dragon tortoise facing the main entrance of the home, prevents danger from coming into your home, causing accidents and harm to family members, stops negative energies to show effect, as well as make all your business endeavours fruitful.
  • Display this Dragon Tortoise statue in the Southeast sector of your home or workplace to enhance your profits and prosperity luck.
  • Displaying this statue of dragon tortoise with a child on it in the Northeast corner (Feng Shui Bagua), is believed to assist those who are preparing for higher education, or who wish to improve their grades. Statue of Dragon Tortoise is said to enhance the luck of students for receiving monetary aid and merit scholarships.
  • This statue of dragon tortoise with a child is also used to maintain a peaceful work environment. According to feng shui belief, The positive vibes of this statue creates support of influential figures in the workplace, such as your supervisors and bosses. Placing it behind your work desk or area is believed to help.
  • You can place it on your desk either in the north or east sector but not if this is directly in front of you. Try to have it by the side of you. You can also place this symbol behind where you sit to signify that you have the support of both the dragon and the tortoise. Do not put this symbol directly in front of you as if you were confronting it. In feng shui, when you confront a powerful symbol you are asking for trouble.
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Feng Shui Dragon Tortoise with Child Statue represents the good luck, competitiveness, boldness, and overall fortunate development of two generations. This statue of feng shui dragon tortoise with a child sitting on the back is a fantastic figure to instigate career luck and job development, defeating the competition and reviving reputation. The dragon tortoise with a child is shown sitting on ingots and lucky Chinese coins which makes it extra special. These days, Statue of Dragon Tortoise with a child has become demanding because people are not aware of its positive effects. According to feng shui, it creates good luck and good fortune and it is also said to activate the abilities of luck with academics, family, and wellbeing. In ancient times, the Dragon Tortoise was used by the emperors in their palace to provide longevity and ever high influence.

This legendary symbol combines the awesome powers and attributes of the dragon and the tortoise. These are two of the most spiritually endowed creatures of Chinese symbolism. The image is that of a creature with the body of a tortoise and the head of the dragon sitting on a bed of coins and gold ingots. The coins in its mouth, signifies increase money flow. The tortoise symbolizes longevity. The dragon symbolizes success, courage and determination. That the tortoise has transformed into a dragon indicates impending good fortune in one”s career and business endeavors. The base of gold ingots upon which the creature sits signifies tremendous wealth and prosperity.

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