Double Fish Statue Jumping Over Dragon Gate

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Directions for keeping feng shui double fish jumping over gate statue:-

  • It should be placed in the north direction of the office, home or shop. These directions are very effective according to feng shui directions. If it is placed at the entrance of a home, office, or any shop/company and small business, it attracts fortune luck.
  • It can be placed in the north or east direction on the office or work desk, as it helps in personal development, improves the concentration of students, and brings career growth.
  • Feng Shui Carp fish gate is also used as a Vastu remedy. Place this double fish at the prominent locations in your living areas, dining areas or bedroom’s south-east or north zone.
  • For wealth attraction, you can display the Double Fish Statue near or inside your fish pond. It can be placed near the aquarium or small pond/water fountain of your home/office.
  • If you are a boss or manager and want to give extra charm and strength to your personality then keep it on your working desk. It is also believed for personal development and increased financial opportunities.
  • If you are a jobseeker or want to give a boost to your career then keeping this feng shui double fish in the north sector of your living room can help.
  • To attract money, luck and income in your office, factory or workplace keep this statue in the south-east corner of the cash register counter or reception area.
  • This statue is made of polyresin which makes it highly durable and attractive. It is also a very nice gifting option on any spiritual or normal occasion.
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The Feng Shui Double Fish Statue Jumping over Dragon Gate is considered as a symbol of bravery, determination, and strength. The carp species of fish depicted in this statue are shown swimming and jumping upstream, this upstream swim denotes the attainment of ambitions and aspirations. This statue also represents the strength-building capacity in case of troubles.

As per Chinese Culture, the two carps shown in the statue, represents two qualities – abundance and companionship. The Carp fish is believed to help in marriage relationships. This Fish is also a symbol of wisdom, wealth luck, happiness, and good health. Carp double fish gate is a strong creature in feng shui, it is said that carp fish attempted to swim through the dragon gate and then it transformed into a dragon. Dragon Statue can be made of any material, but brass, bronze, and polyresin are very effective.

Fish Gate is very sharp and active and helps to win the competition. It also helps to bring business growth, education luck and helps in career development. Feng Shui Carp Fish Gate is great for students and those who are looking for success in the scholastic exam. Gold Dragon Pair Of Jumping Fish Gate is the symbol of ambition, resolution, determination, and reward. Particularly because of the Chinese word for fish, Yu sounds very much like surplus and abundance.


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