Lucky Welcome Cat On Ingots With Golden Finish

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Buy Feng Shui Welcome Cat or Lucky Cat to welcome good luck, wealth and fortune into your home or office by placing it in front of the main door of the home or office.

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Cats have been linked in Asian cultures to good fortune from hundreds of years. The Lucky Welcome Cat statue is considered as a powerful feng shui remedy and accorded a place of honour in houses and workplaces. The hand of this golden feng shui welcome cat keeps moving like it is always welcoming. This feng shui welcome cat in feng shui language is known as “Maneki Neko”.

In India, the use of the Lucky Welcome cat has increased so much, because, the benefits have been experienced by so many. It is majorly used for salary increase, unexpected income, an increase in business finances, grabbing new opportunities, inviting positive wealth energies, and for creating financial abundance.

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Weight 70 g
Dimensions 3.0 × 2.5 × 4.5 in


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