Fortune Frog Sitting On Base Of Chinese Coins

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What is the right direction and procedure for placing Feng Shui Fortune Frog or Money Toad?

  • Always Place the feng shui money frog near the entrance of the sector.
  • It should face inside so that it symbolizes that money is coming to your house or office.
  • South-East area is for wealth, therefore, if you want to attract wealth and money then place it in South-East are of the living room if you are a businessman.
  • Place it in the North area if you want enhancement in career or if you are searching for a job.
  • Tie a red ribbon around the money frog or place it on a red cloth.

Precautions to be taken while placing Feng Shui Fortune Frog / Wealth frog:-

  • Money Frog should never face outwards.
  • Never keep it on the ground or floor (Place it on a table).
  • Don’t place the toad opposite to the main door or entrance.
  • Never place it in your bedroom, kitchen, bathroom & toilet.
  • Take care of the statue from breaking or falling again and again.
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Feng Shui frog is also known as Fortune frog, money toad, lucky money frog, Wealth toad, three-legged feng shui frog, Chinese frog with coin etc. Chinese name of this feng shui money frog is “Chan Chu”. This feng shui frog symbolized the money, wealth and fortune coming to your house.

In India, this frog figurine has become very famous because it is easy to place and can be bought at an affordable price. brings you this famous figurine or Feng Sui money frog with a coin in the mouth at best price. Below we have mentioned the details of – how to place money frog and procedure and precautions to be taken while placing money frog.

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