Multicoloured Toad Frog With Chinese Coin

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What is the Right direction for Placing a Money Frog?

The best direction to place the Feng Shui three-legged money frog is to place it close to the front door. The position of the frog should be like it looks inside the house rather than facing outside. Keep Money frog on a raised surface preferable on a table of at least 3 feet. Never place this money frog symbol in the middle of the room or near the wall adjoining toilet or storeroom.

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Feng Shui Money Frog or Three-legged Feng Shui Frog is among the most significant Feng Shui cures for attracting money, wealth as well as fortune and till now its significance is increasing day by day. In India frog is associated with fertility and you might have heard that some pundits do Mendhak Pooja or Frog ritual to invoke Indra Dev for blessing with the rain. It is a traditional Feng Shui belief that feng shui three-legged frog is said to attract wealth and abundance. You can often find a Money Frog in Chinese establishments because it has deep symbolic roots. A Feng Shui Money Frog can be placed in the direction according to the needs and benefits.

If you come from Chinese culture, or if you have a strong belief in the symbol of the Money Frog then it can be a powerful feng shui money cure for you. However, if you have no energetic or emotional connection to this specific symbol, it will have little effect on your Feng Shui efforts.

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