Three Running Horses Statue With Golden Finish

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Direction and procedure for displaying feng shui three running victory horses:-

  • Three Running victory horses should be displayed in south sector.
  • This figurine should be placed on a table which is at least three feet high.
  • For those born in the year of the Horse, displaying the Horse on your desk will better your luck in wealth and good fortune.
  • Display this figurine of three running victory horse in the south corner of your office to augment fame or reputation luck.
  • For Home – Display this figurine in main areas of the home, such as the living room or main hall. Do not keep it in your bedroom or private room.
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Feng Shui three running horses statue is a symbol of speedy success and fame. This figurine consist of the odd number of horses (three) because odd number signifies yin energy in feng shui. In Chinese philosophy, yin energy is associated with masculine or positive principle characterized by light, warmth, dryness, activity, etc. Horses are being since ages not only for conveyance purposes but also to show the royal standard of living.

Benefits of Keeping Three Running Horses figurine are:-

  • According to Feng Shui, this figurine of Three Running Horses is a reflection of speed, control, vitality, and confidence.
  • Three running horses are is a symbol of success, strength, loyalty, conquest, and confidence, and having it present in the home or office will enhance the traits of household members belonging to the year of the Horse.
  • Figurine of Feng Shui three running horses is beneficial for businessmen and students because it is an icon of a speedy success and the fast track to fame.
  • It is considered as a symbol of victory over competitors as well as providing you with the equipment to excel.
  • Three running horse statue is considered as better than a Painting or picture because the statue is more attractive and eye-catching.

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