Vastu Architecture: Design Theory and Application for Everyday Life

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This book about the science of Vastu was written as a simple and clear, yet detailed exposition on the knowledge and basic technical applications for the design of secular Vastu buildings – such as homes and offices. ‘Vastu Architecture’ provides the reader with a nuts and bolts explanation of how to create a solid structure that is in resonance with Earth, Cosmic and Divine energies. Being a fully illustrated book, with around 100 simple, clear and easy to interpret drawings; the book is very accessible to a general audience and does not require any background knowledge in architectural design. Also included are two complete floor plans that can be tailored for specific individuals in accordance with their birth stars. Many other books about Vastu do not include an explanation of the technical knowledge of Vastu science, and if they do, they often present only a partial, or an altogether incorrect account thereof. This is not the case with ‘Vastu Architecture’, as its technically rich, yet layman-accessible knowledge base provides the reader with all of the basic requirements to create a Vastu structure, including a very clear chapter on how to use the Ayadi Calculations to get the Sacred Dimensions of a building. This is not however a coffee table book, it is rather a manual for the construction of special havens for the soul.

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Title: Vastu Architecture: Design Theory and Application for Everyday Life

Author: Michael Borden

ISBN: 9781456491789


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