Wonders of Prana Healing

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In view of growing complexities in today’s allopathic medical systems, the complementary alternative medicinal healing systems are gaining more acceptance, and prana healing is one of the important ones. It is a ‘no-touch, no drugs’ therapy, which both cures and prevents diseases, by the manipulation of prana (chi or qi—the life force).

The book is designed mainly for those who are interested in learning and practicing this relatively new healing method. The subject matter is organized into 5 parts. The 1st part presents an overview of different healing processes and techniques, the human energy field and various types of energy healings. The 2nd part is an in-depth study of human auras, prana, chakras and their relations to healing processes. The 3rd part gives an understanding of two types of prana healing—direct augmentation type and clinical augmentation type. An exclusive chapter in this part has been devoted to the use of colour prana and special crystal in prana healing. The 4th part gives a reasonable account of other methods for enhancing prana, and important aspects of energy hygiene and energetic cleansing. The last part gives examples of actual healings/curing done by the author (Mangla Prasad Srivastava) and his colleagues, for typical ailments.

The book will help the general public in keeping good health, do self-healing and lead a disease-free life. It will also be useful for healthcare professionals, healers, therapists, clergy and all those who want to consider themselves as practitioners/healers/teachers for better physical, psychological and spiritual health. For professional healers, it can be used as a reference book.

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Title: Wonders of Prana Healing

Author: Sushil Kumar Srivastava and Mangla Prasad Srivastava

ISBN: 9788124803356


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