The Western Guide to Feng Shui–Room by Room

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For thousands of years, the Chinese have used the principles of Feng Shui to enhance their lives. At last, these powerful techniques have been translated into this practical and thought-provoking book for people in the Western world. In this comprehensive guide, acclaimed Feng Shui teacher Terah Kathryn Collins explains why the arrangement of your home and workplace affects every aspect of your life, including your relationships, your health, and your finances. This informative book takes you on a step-by-step, room-by-room journey through your home and office, opening your “Feng Shui eyes” to see the problems and the solutions in your environment.

Alive, connected and dynamic… Feng Shui views your home or workplace as a living entity that you are either in harmony with or in discordant partnership with. When you honor its aliveness, recognize its vital connection with the quality of your entire life, and make the changes that keep it fresh and alive, it remains a delightful place to be. It nurtures, protects and supports your growth and movement through life.

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Title: The Western Guide to Feng Shui–Room by Room

Author: Terah Kathryn Collins

ISBN: 9781561705689


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