Cheiro’s Guide To The Hand

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He was the Jeane Dixon of the early 20th century, psychic advisor to world-famous names in politics, entertainment, and royalty. In this 1900 work, a smaller companion to his now-classic Language of the Hand, Cheiro introduces us to the paranormal realm he most often utilized: palm reading, also known as cheiromancy (from which he borrowed his stage name). From what the size and shape of the thumb says about a person’s character as much as those of the nose do!-to interpreting the lines of the palm, here is everything you need to know, based on Cheiro’s “practical professional experience,” about talking to the hand… and listening to what it has to say. Irish occultist Cheiro-aka WILLIAM JOHN WARNER (1866-1936)-wrote a number of books, including Palmistry for All and Cheiro’s Guide to the Hand. Among his famous followers were Mark Twain and Oscar Wilde.

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Title: Cheiro’s Guide To The Hand

Author: Cheiro

ISBN: 9781602062368


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