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Is it just a coincidence that a record number of people are seeing in numbers or could it be the fabric of the universe revealing itself to us? The religion of Kabala and even the ancient Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras believed the truths of the universe are contained within numbers.

The phenomena of numbers – seeing repeating numbers and number sequences – is sweeping the globe. Everyone from the average Joe to celebrities are seeing repeating numbers on clocks, addresses, phone numbers, account numbers, license plates and much more. Repeating numbers and number sequences are showing up in both the quirky and the commonplace on a daily basis.

Sceptics argue that seeing repeating numbers is simply a matter of pattern recognition and it’s all in our head. There have been scientific theories throughout history that attempt to explain the basis of the universal structure – from String Theory to the Holographic universe. All things in existence can be counted, sorted or measured using numbers and, intriguingly, a common thread in many theories is mathematics or numbers.

More people are reporting the same phenomenon in all cultures, races and religions, turning sceptics into believers. Soul Numbers has the potential to create a title wave amidst this numbers phenomenon, making it the new and most complete numbers meaning bible.

Numerology books offer some insight into the base number meanings of 0-9 but fail to go further to precisely pinpoint and explain why someone is seeing 1:47 on a clock daily and what it means to them. Covering the number meanings 0-999, Soul Numbers helps the reader determine any number sequence. Whether they’re seeing single 2’s everywhere or exactly four 2222, it will allow them to break it down like deciphering an ancient code. Unlike other titles with mainly angelic-focus number meanings, this book holds a broad-spectrum view of number patterns, weaving science and spiritual to spark the curiosity of both the sceptic and the die-hard spiritualist.

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Title: Soul Numbers: Decipher the Messages from Your Inner Self to Successfully Navigate Life

Author: Michelle Arbeau

ISBN: 9781497660984


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