Fear Less: Living Beyond Fear, Anxiety, Anger, and Addiction

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Simple and easy meditation techniques to help us have less fear, especially when times get tough – from the author of Natural Meditation.

Everywhere you look, life can look hard, complicated and even scary at times. How do we navigate through the confusion and fear, so that we can have peace of mind?

Dean Sluyter, author and meditation teacher for more than 45 years, offers an antidote to a fear-filled life: natural meditation. Expanding on the techniques he described in his popular book Natural Meditation, Sluyter shows how fear plays a major role in our lives, and when we let fear control our thoughts and actions we end up worsening our experience. The methods many people use to try to calm their fear – such as avoidance, alcohol and drugs, overeating and procrastination – end up creating more negativity, and therefore more fear.

Now, in Fear Less, Sluyter shows us that simple practices that we can perform immediately can have a major impact on our daily lives and our futures. Instead of complicated meditation methods that leave readers frustrated and vowing that they can’t meditate, Sluyter shows how meditation is one of the most natural acts that we can do, and in fact we meditate daily without even knowing we do. Becoming aware of this state of natural meditation allows us to direct our thoughts in different ways, and to have deeper experiences of life. When we do this, we can release much of the fear we hold on to, allowing us to live a less-fear-based life, filled with more meaning and joy.

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Title: Fear Less: Living Beyond Fear, Anxiety, Anger, and Addiction

Author: Dean Sluyter

ISBN: 9780143130277


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