Cat’s Eye (Quartz) | Superior Range | 4.5 Carat

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One should always go for a trial period of 3 days before finally wearing a Cat’s Eye stone or talisman. The sources of Cat’s Eye gemstone are India, Burma, Sri Lanka, Brazil, USA, China, Madagascar and Zimbabwe.

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Cat’s Eye gemstone is also known as Lahsunia in India and comes in many colours and shades. It is a gemstone used to enhance the powers of Planet Ketu (Dragon’s Tail). Just like Planet Rahu, it is also an invisible planet and in Vedic astrology, it is considered to be the descending node of Chandra (Moon). It emits Infrared cosmic rays. If it suits, it protects the wearer from hidden enemies, mysterious dangers, paralysis, diseases of uterus and many skin diseases. It prevents unexpected mishaps of life, accidents, drowning, intoxication, government punishment. Its influence includes liberation, abstract thinking, non-attachment, healing, moksha-enlightenment. It also removes physical weakness and mental worries. It also makes the wearer a wealthy person. And if it does not suit the opposite will happen.


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