Pearl (Basra) | Exquisite Range | 4.5 Carat

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The chief sources of Pearls are Gulf of Manar in Sri Lanka, The Persian Gulf, Bay of Bengal, South Indian Fisheries, Venezuela, Mexico and Australia.

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Pearl is also known as Moti in India and is found in many colours. Nowadays, most f the Pearls are Cultured Pearls. Colours may be white, black, yellow, blue, pink, red, brown, green etc. Pearl is used to enhance the power of the Planet Moon (Chander). It emits Orange cosmic rays. The Moon is the cool calming planet in Vedic astrology. The Orange cosmic rays are contained within the Element of Water and thus associated with the cooling factor. The diseases born of excessive heat require the cooling of the Orange cosmic rays. It is highly recommended for reducing mental agitations and marital discords. It cures hypersensitivity, moodiness, violent, abusive and destructive behaviour to oneself or to others.


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